The Chavis Chronicles A Path to Achievement


“The Chavis Chronicles” is an innovative talk show hosted by civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis Jr. Dr. Chavis is also the President and CEO of the National Newspaper Publishers Association (NNPA). Through engaging interviews, the show offers profound insights into critical public issues that go beyond mere headlines. Dr. Chavis’s expertise as an award-winning journalist, social justice icon, and intellectual influencer adds gravitas to the program, making it a must-watch for anyone seeking to stay informed on important issues affecting society today.


Expanding Horizons, and Fostering Unity

“The Chavis Chronicles”  (TCC)  primary objective is to magnify and influence while sparking engagement and unity through powerful conversations. 

“The Chavis Chronicles”  holds a distinctive presence in urban communities. Our aspiration is to secure funding that propels us into new realms of content creation. This infusion of resources will not only elevate our production quality but will enable us to delve deeper into subjects, conduct meticulous research, and welcome distinguished experts, enriching the viewer experience.

“The Chavis Chronicles” lies in our firm belief in the power of impactful conversations to transcend boundaries, foster unity, and drive positive change. 


Unveiling the Power of Underwriting Support

By aligning with “The Chavis Chronicles,” underwriters stand to gain more than mere exposure. Your support translates into an active role in nurturing a powerful force for societal progress while reaping the following distinct benefits:

As an underwriter, your association with an established show like “The Chavis Chronicles” takes engagement to the next level. You contribute to a show that has already garnered a loyal audience, ensuring that your message reaches a diverse and engaged group of viewers. This shared journey of impactful dialogue fosters critical thinking and meaningful discussions, sparking a collective search for solutions to pressing issues.

Elevating Public Enlightenment

Your underwriting support becomes a conduit for the spread of profound insights. While the show’s content delves into the journeys and contributions of African descent leaders, your involvement directly contributes to expanding these narratives. By supporting this platform, you contribute to the broader understanding of history, culture, and leadership that uplifts and enlightens audiences.

Cultivating a Legacy of Positive Change

Your underwriting support isn’t just for the show’s present success; it’s about shaping a lasting legacy of positive change. Your contribution will directly fuel the show’s expansion both technically and by securing appropriate production staffing.  It will enable us to equip our studios with the ability to conduct live and remote interviews around the world, perform live streaming to all social media platforms, enabling us to delve deeper into vital conversations, explore new avenues, and reach wider audiences.

Amplifying Reach and Influence

As an underwriter, your influence doesn’t stop at the television screen. With your support, “The Chavis Chronicles” extends its reach beyond PBS through various digital channels, university collaborations, and innovative media formats.  Your donation to “The Chavis Chronicles,” will actively shape the future of informed, engaged, and united discourse. 

Call To Action:

As we embark on our 4th season, we recognize the power of unity in realizing transformative change. We invite you to support our mission. 

Explore our tiered underwriter packages below, each designed to resonate with your commitment.

Underwriter Opportunities:

Elevating Thought Leadership and Impactful Engagement

Unite in Shaping the Conversation: Embrace “The Chavis Chronicles” Underwriter Opportunities. By becoming an underwriter of “The Chavis Chronicles,” you’re not only supporting quality content creation but also unlocking a multitude of opportunities to enhance your brand’s visibility, engagement, and influence. Your association with our show on PBS signifies your commitment to thought leadership, education, and societal progress. Join hands with us to inspire change and elevate the media landscape together.

Legacy Sponsor

$ 250,000
  • Prominent Sponsorship Acknowledgment:

    Your distinguished sponsorship will be prominently featured in each episode's credits, aligning your brand with quality media content and impactful conversations.

  • Exclusive Behind-the-Scenes Insights:

    Gain exclusive access to behind-the-scenes content, exclusive interviews, and an insider look at the production process, enhancing your connection to our thought-provoking content.

  • Invitations to Special Events:

    Receive invitations to exclusive events, including discussions with Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr., renowned guests, and our expert team, providing opportunities for networking and insightful conversations.

  • Social Media Recognition:

    Enjoy mentions across our social media platforms, extending your brand's exposure to a diverse and engaged online audience.

Visionary Contributor

$ 500,000
  • Premier Sponsorship Recognition:

    As a Visionary Advocate, your sponsorship will hold a premier position in episode credits, signifying your commitment to thought leadership and progressive dialogue.

  • Secondary Platform Sponsorship:

    Enjoy the opportunity to sponsor exclusive content on secondary platforms, expanding your brand's reach beyond PBS while maintaining alignment with our mission.

  • Tailored Engagement:

    Participate in private strategy sessions, where you can provide input on upcoming topics and guests, ensuring your values resonate within our content.

  • Guest Appearance Opportunities:

    Join Dr. Benjamin F. Chavis, Jr. in a special episode outside The Chavis Chronicles PBS broadcast, sharing your insights on a relevant topic and reaching our engaged audience directly.

Global Partner

$ 750,000
  • Distinguished Sponsorship Position:

    As a Global Influencer, your sponsorship will be highlighted prominently in episode credits, reflecting your dedication to shaping global discourse and inspiring change.

  • Exclusive Series Sponsorship:

    Secure the sponsorship of an exclusive special series, exploring topics aligned with your brand's values and objectives, and extending your reach to diverse audiences.

  • Strategic Collaboration:

    Collaborate directly with our production team to co-create content, ensuring your brand's ethos and objectives are seamlessly interwoven into our shows.

  • Educational Partnership:

    Partner with us to create educational resources based on our content, fostering learning and discussions in academic settings, and showcasing your commitment to knowledge dissemination.